Valparaiso University 2017-2019

History Department and Honors College

  • U.S. History Survey: Colonialism to the Civil War
  • U.S. History Survey: Reconstruction to the present
  • Depression and War: U.S. 1929-1945
  • Mass Media and the American Presidency: 1896-2017
  • Political Corruption: The Watergate Scandal
  • Honors College Great Books Core

University of Notre Dame 2016-2017

History Department

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg 2011-2016

Center for American Studies

  • Introduction to American Religious History 
  • Survey of Religion in Contemporary America
  • Religion and American Politics 
  • History of American Evangelicalism
  • History of American Pentecostalism
  • History of American Atheism
  • Apocalyptic Evangelical Fiction
  • American Religion and WWI
  • Religion and the Marketplace
  • American Studies M.A. Methodology I
  • American Studies M.A. Methodology II

Karls Eberhart Universität Tübingen 2009-2011

American Studies Department

  • Academic Writing
  • Academic Writing II